Xev Bellringer – Mommy Cures You FullHD (clips4sale.com/1080p)

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Oh no, did the boat ride make you sea sick sweetie? My poor baby, I hate to see you this way, but your father and sister are already ashore. Could you just walk it off, Mommy really wants to go shopping. Alright, we don’t have to go just yet. You know, there are a few other tricks to help boys with nausea. It’s best that you do as Mommy says. Masturbating will make you feel better. Yes it will, but we don’t have enough time for you to do it alone. Take your penis out for me sweetie. Good boy. Now stroke it…a little faster. We are in a hurry, sweetie, let Mommy do it for you.





Primal’s Taboo Sex – Norah Nova – Made Into Her Brother’s Slut Over and Over HD (clips4sale.com/720p)

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Brother Busts her for “Massage Ad”- I found a massage table in the trunk of my car after my slut sister borrowed it without asking. I do a little checking and see she has an ad up on craigslist for doing “massages” I confront her and then make her give me the special treatment she promises on her ad. My sister is such a horney slut, and inconsiderate. She hogs the bathroom so she can lay in the tub and masturbate. This time I get the door open and record her little “rub in the tub” and let her know I am sending it out to everyone I can think of. Sheis willig to do anything to keep from being humiliated, including being the huge slut I know she is. I think she is starting to crave my cock. I think my sister might be the horniest girl ever. She leaves her phone for a moment and I find tons of “sexts” and naked pics she sends to half the gys in school. If she wants to act like a total slut I can help her, big time





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You have an appointment with Dillion at her house, but getting their a little early she tells you that she is with someone at the moment (dad) and that she will be right with you. you sneak in to see Dillion sucking on a large cock. she looks at you but keeps sucking, letting you see her in action. Dillion strips off her clothes and pulls herself up on the counter as the man licks her tight pussy. she moans with pleasure when his hard cock starts to fuck her. her big tits bounce up and down as he thrusts inside her. Dillion is flipped over and moans loudly as the fucking gets faster until he cums inside her. Dillion is cleaned up, dressed and ready to see you now. she tells you to feel her large natural breasts as she explains the rules about this visit to you. she pulls open her jeans for you to feel how wet her pussy is, giggling and moaning as you touch her. she tells you she is going to suck your cock. getting to her knees she starts by slowly and lovingly sucking your cock. as you get harder Dillion sucks faster and deeper sending shivers of pleasure up your body with her tongue. she stands up and pulls down her jeans and black lacy thong and wiggles her ass for you on the bed. she tells you to slap her ass with your cock and fuck her from behind. you slide your dick inside your sister’s tight pussy and fuck her. Dillion tells you that she wants to ride you now. laying you on the bed she guides your cock inside of her and pulls off her top revealing her huge tits. she lets you squeeze her breasts and bounces on your cock giggling with delight. fucking you, Dillion lets out moan after moan feeling each deep fuck. flipping her around you grab and spank her ass. she continues to fuck you until she cums hard on your cock. she turns around and asks that you titty fuck her. you rub your pussy wet dick between her big tits as she looks at you and moans. she opens her mouth and she begins to suck on your cock again. sucking and jerking Dillion forces the orgasm out of you and you cum all over her young face. she smiles licking her cum soaked lips, ?bye bro!”





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Dillion is drinking a ice tea looking at herself in the mirror. she is sticking her tongue out to the side practicing her new look. her dad asks her what she is doing. she says this is what all the boys like now and that it makes her look hot. her dad thinks it makes her look dumb. she looks at him and moves her tongue around. dillion tells him it means she is good at sucking cock and drinking cum. she pulls off her top and plays with her tits and tells her daddy that she is a naughty girl that sucks cock. dropping to her knees she sucks on her dad’s hard cock, showing off her tongue skills. he cums in her mouth and she gulps it down. Dad finds his daughter ashton in the living room in her bra and panties. she is bent over the couch shaking her ass in the air. ‘why are you in your underwear?? her dad asks. she is practicing twerking for a concert that is coming up. she asks if she can practice dancing with her dad. she grinds the front of his pants and rubs her body all over. she reaches between her legs and touches her dads cock. she pulls down his pants rubbing her pussy over his hard dick. taking off her panties she dance fucks her father in the living room. she energetically shakes on his cock causing him to cum inside his little girl. she tells him that’s how she likes to twerk at concerts. A 40 year old man has just come to the door to see ashton. the dad tells him off and goes upstairs to yell at his daughter about seeing someone so much older than her. he opens the door to her room to see her tied up and sprawled naked on the bed. ashton yells at him for sending the man away, she was going to let him fuck her for tickets to a upcoming concert. she rethinks her plan and tells the dad he can do anything he wants to her if he buys her the tickets. he can’t control himself and fucks her on top of her bed. he is pissed off at his daughter and lets her know it by fucking her mouth and pussy hard. he cums inside her and leaves her tied up. she thanks her daddy for the fuck and the tickets. The night of the concert and ashton returns in almost nothing. her dad yells at her for being such a slut lately. ashton becomes furious, she pushes and swears at her dad. he has had enough! throwing her to the ground he fucks her dirty talking mouth. flipping her over he removes what little clothes she has and fucks her hard. putting her back on her knees he cums all over his daughters face while he makes her stick out her tongue. she looks defeated and says that she will be better.





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Mom is dressed for work, walks in the front door, the son grabs her leans her over any surface and starts fucking her. mum takes off what little bit of clothes she has on, leans over the couch and tells him to use her cunt, to make that cunt his. The son can’t resist his whore of a mom, so he grabs her, and asks, “you just want to be fucked raw don’t you” She pleads to be pounded hard, and the son obliges. Rough sex continues in various positions till the mum’s pleas for her son to cum on tongue, this too much and he explodes inside her mouth. The mom, now knowing what needs to be done, gets off his cock, and immediately starts to suck his cock clean, sucking out all the cum in his shaft.the song grabs her and facefucks her again, telling her i’m not done with you yet.





Xev Bellringer – My Son’s Touch FullHD (clips4sale.com/1080p)

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After a long day at work, I begged for my son to massage my sore feet for a little relief. My legs fell open as his hands pressed into my aching soles and… I saw him staring up my skirt. I was shocked but… oddly flattered. My hands reached for the hem of the dress and lifted it. I knew this was very wrong, even though it felt so good to be wanted…by my own son. A few nights later, I approached him for another massage after a bath. His hands worked my moist skin and moved up to my soft inner thigh. Moaning in pleasure, I urged my son to explore between my legs…I knew he wanted to touch me…to finally feel his mother’s wet pussy. But my sweet boy couldn’t muster the courage to go all the way. He didn’t realize that he could have had me right then and there. Then one late night, I came home after an evening out dressed to the nines. My son didn’t know, but it was for him. I posed provocatively in the chair, finding excuses to show off my legs. He wanted to have his mother, but couldn’t admit it to himself…I was going to make all of the decisions for my sweet boy. Oh, but he grew up to be such a man… I craved my son’s touch. Deeply. Intimately. Passionately…





Nadia White – Give It To Me Grandpa HD (JWTies/clips4sale.com/720p)

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After the first time with Grandpa I decided to sweeten the pot and seal the deal even further. I went into his room later that night and we started messing around again. Grandpa made me cum with my hitachi a few times then he went down on me. He’s so experienced with his tongue that I was ready for his cock quickly. I rode him for awhile then Grandpa took control. He fucked me soo good I lost track of how many times I came. Grandpa must have been pretty excied too since he forgot to pull out when he came. I hope I won’t get pregnant before I get to Europe.





Riley Grey wants her Uncle Until he knocks her up HD (JWTies/clips4sale.com/720p)

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As you know I went to stay with my Aunt and Uncle while checking out new schools and I got accepted to a university near them. During the first semester I moved in with them to save some money and my life got really crazy. I started having fantasies about my uncle Jay and started fantasizing about him fucking me while I masturbated. These feelings are getting pretty intense and I don’t know if I can control myself much longer.This weekend was really hard for me, soo hard in fact I blew it……. By sucking my uncles cock and more. After my aunt left for the day I was alone with Uncle Jay and I just couldn’t control myself. I went and sat on the couch with him and before I knew it, despite Uncle Jays lame attempt at protesting, his big cock was in my mouth.





Pregnant Angel Daughter Fucks You Only 4 mos and horny as Hell HD (JWTies/clips4sale.com/720p)

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4Mos and Horny As Hell Angel Rose is 4 mos pregnant and can’t seem to get enough of your cock. Just shopping for a new bra and panty set got her so hot that when she got home she had to strip off your shorts and start sucking your cock. This turns her on even more so she strips down and starts riding you cowgirl style. Her heavy breasts and huge belly bounce as she rides your cock hard.





Daisy`s Daddy Desires Brought to you by HD (JWTies/clips4sale.com/720p)

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My desires are getting even more intense and almost out of control. today after school i was masturbating on the bearskin rug when daddy got home. i sucked his cock for a minute then he let me get on top. i rocked and thrust my hips repeatedly til i came then daddy turned me around. his cock felt even bigger that way.
he bent me over doggy style and started pounding me from behind. wave after wave of orgasms travelled through my body and i was lost in bliss. next thing you know daddy groaned and came inside me again. i’m gonna end up pregnant if this keeps up.