Family Therapy – Farrah Valentine – Little Sister Blackmail HD (

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Listen… I’ve figured out what I want to do with those pictures. I’m not going to show Mom or Dad. Yes, I’m going to delete them… If you do what I say. You know I don’t like you, I think you’re a bitch… But you’re really fucking hot. You need to do the stuff in those pictures with me. Did I fucking ask? You’re going to do what I say or everyone will know what a little slut you are… I don’t give a fuck if your boyfriend finds out, just get naked….

***Starring Farrah Valentine***


Primal’s Taboo Sex – Madisin’s Son Becomes Addicted to Mommy’s Pussy HD (

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Mommy Just Needs Some Help Madisin is so horny and wants to treat herself a night of orgasms. Her very over-used vibrator gives out on her and she is too far into trying to cum to stop so she calls in her son Mitchel to help her. He’s always been a good boy and always done whatever mom’s needed. He is a little shy and unsure when she tells him what she wants be, being a good son he does his best. Madisin coaches her boy and he is a very fast learner and soon is giving her mom exactly what she needs
Madisin Cheers Up Her Son Madisin is about to go out for the night but she sees her son Mitchel sulking on the couch. He doesn’t want her to go out. Madisin doesn’t understand why her sweet handsome boy doesn’t have a girlfriend and she realizes he is just too shy and lack confidence, She decides give him that confidence and show him what a young stud he really is.
Madisin’s Dominated by The Good Son Things have gotten out of hand. Instead of her son going out and getting a girl his age, Mitchel has become completely addicted to his mom’s pussy He has her tied up and demands she give him what he wants. He spanks mom’s big firm ass and uses her new vibrator to force her to cum over and over until she relents letting him take her every way he wants