Cory Chase in Black Widow Defiance FullHD (

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“You’re coming with me nerd for all the crimes you’ve committed” Black Widow says grabbing him by the neck. A special designed taser takes care of her, dropping her to the floor . When she awakes a voice message challenges her to a game. If she wins he goes to jail, if he wins she strips and gives him a lap dance. Seems like Black Widow has no choice but to do as he says… They play round after round of strip poker, Black Widow losing every hand. She thought she was better at this game but as the clothes come off her anger shows. Looks like she lost and now she has to pay up. Black Widow slides her naked toned body over the nerd just like a stripper, feeling his dick get hard in his pants. If she’s going to be a stripper then she’s going to use it to her advantage. She grinds on his dick hard, making him wince in pain. She’s relentless, grinding his cock raw. “You win” The nerd shouts and she smiles in victory as she gets dressed. The next challenge? A wrestling match with the nerd. If she can pin him for a count of ten she wins and they move onto the next round. Black Widow has no trouble destroying the puny man and takes pleasure in seeing him beaten so badly.

“The mayor will be here shortly” The nerd warns her. Black Widow responds that he’s going to jail. Just then you walk in and grab her by the throat. “Mayor!” Black Widow gasps in terror as she’s thrown to the bed. You pull off her clothes as she struggles against you. “I’m never going down to you!” She screams in defiance as you begin groping her tight body. “What the fuck do you want me to do!” She yells and you put your cock into her angry mouth. Black Widow has no escape but to give you what you want. Putting your cock inside her mouth she sucks like her life depended on it. Sucking angrily she looks up at you and you reward her with a blast to her super heroine face. The game is over and Black Widow has lost. She’s going to be their sex slave forever. “You’ll never get away with this” Black Widow says, cum dripping off her face.


Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase in Blackmailing Wunder Woman FullHD (

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Wunder Woman showers her glorious amazon body when she hears a knock at her door. Can I help you? She asks you. You tell her that you know all about her secret identity and you have the picture to prove it. I’m sure we can come to some sort of compromise Wunder Woman says, stalling for time. Put your costume on You demand of her, making her pose her perfect body in her too tight uniform. Then to add to her humiliation you makes her strip and lay on her bed. Is this good enough She says angrily as she plays with herself. You grab the back of her head and shove her onto your cock. Eat it bitch you say, mouth fucking Wunder Woman.

She looks up at you, her mouth full of cock and you almost pity the once powerful Wunder Woman. What are you going to do? She asks when you pull her to the edge of the bed. You push your cock inside of her and thrust in and out of her tight pussy. You make Wunder Woman get on top of you and ride you as hard as she can. She has to suck you off like a whore until you explode into her open mouth. She’s such a Wunder slut. You tell her you’ll be back next week. I’ll get my revenge! She screams.


Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase in Star Girl FullHD (

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Where is he? Star Girl asks searching the house. Without warning he appears striking her hard and driving her to the floor. She fights back yelling that the police officer is not taking her bribes. I’m a good cop! he yells back, tazering her. The device goes to work giving him complete control of her. Strip off your costume He says with authority. Star Girl screams as her body reacts and does as he commands. How is this possible! I can’t stop! She screams. He records her as she pulls off her cloths, taunting her. He picks her up and brings her to his bed, slapping her face with his cock and making her suck him like a slut. Oh please no She moans desperately as he removes her powers.

Get away! She yells but can’t control her own body. She looks up at him in desperation and screams when his cock pushes inside her and fucks her. He rides her hard into the bed. I’m star girl! She yells in defiance, moaning and shaking. Pleasure and orgasm rip through her body. The harder she fights it the more it happens. Finished with her pussy he cums all over her mask, with humiliating cream. Covered he makes her look into the camera and take off her mask. Never! She screams, her hands slowly doing as she’s commanded. He uploads the video while she regains her powers. Over a million views He says and she chokes him picking him up from the computer. Star Girl is about to get some sweet revenge!


Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase in Detective vs Jewel Thief FullHD (

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What the hell am I doing here! The tied up man demands. Detective Chase has just caught him stealing from a high end jewelry store. But instead of taking him into the station, she ties him up at her home, to interrogate and take those priceless diamonds for herself. The thief finally gives in and whispers his partners name, when he head butts her hand and knocks her out cold. Untying his ropes he pulls off her dress and shoves his dick down her unconscious throat.

He lifts her to the bed and puts her ass into the air. Her hot warm pussy is welcoming to him as he violates and fucks her tight body. He uses her and turns her from Detective to slut with his hard cock, shooting a creamy load of shame on her unconscious face. Looks like Detective Chase shouldn’t have been so greedy…