Incest Double Dip (2017/720p)

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Alexis Fawx and her husband Scott Carousel are in the kitchen enjoying a lusty blowjob when Alexis’s stepson Brad Sterling spies them. Alexis sees her stepson, so she finishes his father off and makes a big deal out of needing to go take a shower. She confronts Brad about his actions, and then tries to put the matter out of her mind as she goes to take a shower. She finds that she can’t stop thinking of her stepson or of how much she enjoyed being watched. Brad has retreated to his bedroom to jerk off with his stepmother’s panties when he hears his father come back. He tries to hide in the bathroom, and walks in on Alexis getting ready to shower! From there, he talks his way into watching his stepmother as he masturbates, and then into feeling her big enhanced boobs. The next thing Alexis knows, she’s on her hands and knees letting Brad finger fuck her and then his cock is buried inside of her! She loves the way he feels buried in her twat, so she lets him keep going until he cums inside of her. Even after doing his stepmom, Brad is still horny as hell when his girlfriend Lily Rader arrives later. He urges her to get naked, and she agrees to skip class and let him have his way with her. It’s not long before she’s on her knees sucking him off so that she can climb onto his lap and slide down onto his stiffie. Lily’s inexperience is an aphrodisiac to Brad, who enjoys every moment of his girlfriend’s sexual awakening before blowing his load all over her face into her eager open mouth.


Parker Swayze and Bambi Brooks – The birthday party HD (

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Son, are you ready for tomorrow? You remember everything I told you, right? Very good son… I’m just so happy that you want to do this for your sister. I’m so proud of you for becoming the man of the house since your Dad’s been gone… You’re going to make your sister so happy tomorrow. And since we’ve been practicing I know you’re going to make Mommy feel good too. I’m so excited baby, this is going to be your sister’s best birthday ever.


Bare Back Studios – Vanessa Cage in Cognitive Fluency (1080p/

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Vanessa and her brother are snooping through their parents bedroom. There they find all sorts of kinky sex stuff hiding under her bed. Just then their mother Cory walks into the room. “What are you doing?” Cory says angrily. “I don’t even know what these are” Vanessa says defending herself. The siblings blame each other and try not to get in trouble. Cory is going to punish her nosy daughter. She starts to pull off Vanessa’s clothes when Vanessa shouts that her brother will see her naked. Cory blindfolds both of them and strips her daughter naked while Vanessa protests. “I’m going to teach you a lesson” Cory says, humiliating her daughter. She lays Vanessa on the bed and ties her up. With her powerless to stop it, her brother touches her exposed body. “Mom, this is so weird” Vanessa says on the edge of crying. Brother and mother touch her breasts and rub a vibrator against her pussy until she’s ready to be used. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, being forced to suck, having her legs spread and her pussy penetrated. While being fucked Cory takes off the blindfold from her silly daughter. “Oh my god, you’re making me have sex with my brother!” She screams, seeing him between her legs. Cory makes her daughter lick her pussy while she watches her son fuck her and make her cum. With one quick jerk he shoots his big load into Vanessa’s unwilling mouth. “Share that load with me” Cory tells her and they kiss. Vanessa is in a state of shock and doesn’t know what to do.
Vanessa’s punishment isn’t over. She has to lay naked in the bed, blindfolded and tied down. She feels warm hands touching her breasts and hears her mother’s soft voice. Vanessa thinks her brother is back to fuck her again and happily sucks his cock. She feels him enter and fuck her and lets it happen until Cory takes off her blindfold.
“Daddy?” Vanessa says looking into the eyes of her dad fucking her. So turned on by being used and fucked she gives in and fucks him back. No longer the innocent girl Vanessa knows what men want from her and she gives it to them. Cory’s shocked by her daughter happily fucking her husband. “Are you a good girl?” Cory asks her playing with her big tits as she’s fucked. A huge warm load is dumped on Vanessa’s face from her fathers throbbing cock and Cory kisses her. They share the taste of slutty desires and Vanessa asks if she’s done being punished. Cory has made her into the perfect good girl.
“How do you like being tied up? I’m the boss now.” Vanessa yells at her mother. Cory is tied up, blindfolded, and at her daughters mercy. She’s been used and abused by her mother and now it’s time to fuck her up. Vanessa places a vibrator on her mothers pussy until Cory is quivering and pulling against the ropes. Then for the big surprise. Vanessa slides a huge strap on up her legs and gets ready to fuck her mom into a moaning whore. “Do your worst” Cory tells her and Vanessa does just that. Cory loves it. Being helplessly fucked and having to suck her taste from her daughter’s cock. Cory cums like it was her first time and falls in love with her new mistress Vanessa. She leaves her mother tied up until daddy gets home…


PREGNANT AMATEURS – Mom Has Hot Threesome With Her Very Pregnant Daughter And Son ( FULL VERSION ) HD

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Payton’s Husband has had a fantasy of banging his daughter as his wife fucks and blows his son, but as the video starts, he is nowhere to be found but Payton is busy giving her son Mike a good old fashioned blowjob and licking his asshole. Mike starts fucking his Mom Doggie Style and has her moaning with pleasure quickly. Very quickly Mom starts sucking his cock again, it’s what she really loves to do. Mike tells his Mom how good she is, to which she replies how glad she is his Dad got her started on this. Mike’s very pregnant Sister walks in on the two of them, wanting to know what is going on. Nicole confesses she is getting horny and even her moms question about even so she is pregnant, has her wanting in on the action. Just don’t tell Dad she says, but Payton tells her that all of this was his idea already anyways, even so he now hates it. Nicole gets undressed and onto the bed and both Mom and Brother start rubbing her lactating titties. Payton has Nicole give her brother a blowjob and quickly takes her turn again sucking Mike’s dick and rubbing her daughters pussy. Nicole is ready for a cigarette now as is Payton and they start talking smack about her dad. Payton doesn’t even think her kid’s are his, but he doesn’t know, to which they all start laughing. Mike just loves squeezing his sister’s tits and sucking the sweet little milk out of them as Payton continues blowing Mike’s big cock. Finally Payton decides to ride his cock cowgirl style as she continues rubbing her daughter’s pussy. She soon has a big orgasm and now Nicole is having a turn at her brothers cock. She rides him hard and fast, her pregnant ass just flopping up and down, but now she wants to get fucked doggie style and her brother happily fucks her fast and hard. As Mike bangs his sister, Payton touching herself for pleasure and moaning loudly, Nicole decides to finger her a bit to help. Mike wants to fuck his pregnant Sister in the ass, but first Mom want’s to have another go of it. As Mike bangs his Mom one more time, Payton eats her daughters pussy and then Nicole rubs her Mom’s tits as Mike rams his cock up deep into his Mother’s pussy. After yet another orgasm, Payton rubs oil on her son’s dick, so that he can now bang Nicole in the ass. Nicole helps guide her brothers dick into it and it doesn’t take long to have her moan with pleasure. As he fucks her tight little asshole, Payton starts licking his. While he continues to fuck his sister in the ass, Mom and Daughter share a kiss and Payton tells Nicole how lucky she is to have them for her kids. Just as Mike has his Sister on her back and fucking her ass some more, Dad storms into the room, all upset that they started without him. He wanted to be a part of it all. Payton tells him that he is going to ruin everything and to get out, she will explain everything later. Very pissed off he leaves the room. As Mike finishes banging his pregnant sister in her ass, he pulls out his dick and shoots his come on Nicole as Mom helps rub it all over her pregnant belly. Finally Mom and Daughter get to smoke a cigarette on the bed and as Nicole appreciates her brother’s cock, they make a little more fun of poor old Dad and have a good laugh.


Piper Perri, Cory Chase – Piping Piper SD (

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Piper Perri was playing a video game and her brother, Alex came over. He was looking for her brother, but decided to hang out and play video games with Piper. He started to play the game and Piper began to grab his dick. He pulled away and asked if her mom, Cory Chase was home. Piper said she was busy and not to worry about it. Piper continued to play with his dick and began sucking on it. As she was sucking on his cock, her mom, Cory, slowly strolled into the room and began watching them. She cleared her throat and Piper quickly tried to pretend they were playing video games. Cory was on to them and wanted to join in on the fun. She grabbed his cock and guided Pipers mouth on that dick. They gave him a double blow job and got their pussies pounded. Man juice for all.


Blondie Fesser & Gala Brown & Jade & Kesha Ortega & Sonia Lion – Christm-ass Family Affairs FullHD (

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Santa Cum has been a little distracted lately, so he’s late for his annual delivery. To be more precise, he’s still delivering present on January 6th, the day that The Three Wise Women (Blondie Fesser, Gala Brown and Kesha Ortega) are on duty. When they all get together at Sonia Lion and her daughter’s Jade place, the thing seems to turn into a real mayhem. But, at the end of the day the whole thing ends up turning into a nice orgy for all of them.


Bare Back Studios – Ashley Adams in Breaking Our Daughter (

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Mother has been sexually frustrated but in the last week her daughter Ashley has come home from collage and her husband has started fucking her again. Mom thinks it’s because he has been fired up by his sexy daughter being around but Mom doesn’t mind she is just happy she is getting some action. But now Mom has been sexually released and she has started thinking and looking at her daughter and wants to have some fun with her.

Ashley is reluctant at the start and but Mom forces her to take part. But towards the end she has given up and becomes submissive and does anything Mom tells her. Mom and Ashley are in the bedroom, Mom tells her she has a gift and gives her a sexy bikini like the one Mom is wearing. Mom tells her to try it on she is a bit shy but Mom gets her to strip and put it on. As she does Mom starts to talk to her about when she was at collage and the fun she had with her roommate. Ashley is shocked that Mom had been with a woman. After watching Ashley and seeing her body Mom is just too turned on and forces her on to the bed. Mom pushes her legs apart while on top of her and holds her arms down and starts to kiss her rubbing tits. She does not respond so Mom starts to kiss her tits and then move both her arms above her head. Mom starts to move off and Ashley is thinking it’s over but it is only just starting. Mom then forces her in to different positions making her lick and give pleasure as Mom has her wicked way with her. Mom and Ashley come into the living room after a family party, Dad missed the party due to work commitments. He says how sexy they both look, Mom sits down by him and start kissing him Ashley says she is going to bed to give them some privacy. Mom tells her to stay she stands there watching. Mom then tells Dad that Ashley is wearing sexy lingerie as well and if he would like to see it. Ashley stands in shock that her mother would say this. Dad says “yes” while Mom undresses her daughter. Mom then starts to play and suck Dad’s cock, Daughter stands their shock but does not want to move and upset Mom. Mother then stands and makes Ashley sit next to her dad while Mom fucks him. While she fucks him, Mom and dad start to touch Ashley and stop her from leaving she asks Mom to stop but she doesn’t. Mom then pushes Daughter on her back and Mom lays on top of her while Dad fucks Mom from behind. Daughter tries to leave again but Mom forces her to fuck Daddy. Mom and Dad then force Daughter into different position while Dad fucker his tight daughter. Then Mom tell him that it is time to take her ass. She is shocked but Mom and her dad force Daughter to have anal she has now given up and lets it happen. At the end, Dad cums over her face and then Mom licks the cum off and they have a long kiss. Ashley’s Dad and Uncle have made agreement to swap daughters, this is the first daughter they are going to have together. Dad and the uncle are charge forcing her to do what they want. In the living room Dad and the Uncle are sitting down talking Ashley comes in wearing the sexy bikini she is surprised that her uncle is there. She has been in the back yard with her Mom who asked her to come in to get a drink for her but her mmm knows her brother is with Ashley’s dad waiting for her. Ashley is a bit nervous standing in front of her Dad and Uncle just in a small sexy bikini especially once her dad starts saying how sexy she looks. Uncle Luke starts saying how hot his niece Ashley looks and he should buy his daughter a bikini like that. Dad tells her to sit down she says about getting moms drink but he insists she sits between the two men. They start talking about her sexy body she is very nervous she says she should get back to mum but her dad stops her and tells her she should be more polite and friendly to her uncle. Her dad and uncle then hold her arms down and dad then forces her to kiss him and then her uncle. They take it in turns kissing her and while they keep holding her arms they start to touch her body playing with her tits and pussy. Then they push her on to her back her dad moves between her legs and starts to fuck her and the uncle moves to her head and makes her suck him. They will then continue to get her to fuck and suck them in different positions. They make her sit on her dad and as she rides his cock she feels her uncle behind before she can stop him he starts to fuck her ass. Now at the end she is made to kneel in front of them and takes turns sucking them she has now given up fighting them so she lets them fuck her face. She just lets them cum all over her face she is told not waste any of it so she scoops it off her face and eats it. Ashley now be submissive and totally under Mom’s control. The fight is gone and Ashley likes it rough. Mom has her way with Ashley, setting up a new life of daughter sexual servitude.


BareBackStudios – JC Simpson in How it all Started HD (720p/

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The family is watching a movie at night. jc is sitting between mom and dad. mom starts dozing off as the movie progresses and jc suggests that she goes upstairs to sleep. mom agrees and tells jc and dad to have fun…by the time the movie finishes, dad is passed out, drunk. jc snuggles up to him and feels something on her ass. she reaches back, grabs it and is surprised to realize that its his cock. she gets up slowly, and goes to the stairs to check if she hears her mom moving around upstairs. after hearing nothing, she comes back, lies with dad again and starts to rub her ass on his cock. while doing this, her dad’s cock slips inside her pussy. jc gasps but slowly continues to fuck herself with dads cock. she then rolls her dad on his back, and starts grinding on his cock. dad slowly wakes up; realizing what is happening. he tries to say something, but jc puts a finger to his mouth and says to be quiet. dad tells her that its wrong, but jc continues, telling him something that feels this good can’t be wrong. she talks dirty to him, encouraging him to fuck his little girl harder. they switch to various positions and continue talking dirty. while fucking jc missionary, dad accidentally blows his load inside her. jc rolls him on his back and proceeds to suck his dick clean. once finished, she gathers her clothes and quietly goes up stairs. jc walks in to her parents room in the morning. she sneaks up to dad, and takes out his cock. she starts sucking it vigorously until he wakes up. jc’s dad is surprised and begins to protest. jc tells him that shes just continuing what they had going on last night. she insists on continuing and, due to the noise, jc’s sleeping mother begins to stir. jc quickly grabs her father by his cock, and pulls him into the bathroom. she sits on a stool and begins to play with herself. she begs her daddy to fuck her. he cant resist and rams his cock inside her and fucks his whore daughter with abandon. jc continues to talk dirty to him, telling him how good it feels and how she loves having her daddy’s dick inside her young cunt. they fuck in various positions until they hear a knock at the bathroom door. they both freeze and jc’s mother calls out to her husband from the other side of the door. he answers and quickly gets her to leave; quietly sliding his cock into his daughter all the while. once his wife has returned to bed, jc’s dad turns on the show to mask any noise and returns to fucking. before long, jc drops down to take her dad’s cock in her mouth and sucks every last drop of cum from his dick. without a second though, she swallows the lot. various scenes of fucking and sucking around the house: – jc is blowing her dad while her mom does the dishes and asks her questions from the kitchen. jc checking her make-up in the mirror while her father fucks her from behind. her mom is in the next room, oblivious. jc and her parents are sitting on the couch. mom has some errands to run, leaving jc and her father alone for the day. jc asks her mother to pick up some soup at the mall and kisses her goodbye. as soon as she’s out the door, jc pulls out daddys cock and begins to blow him. she then lifts her skirt and slides him inside her wet pussy. jc is grinding away on her daddy when her mom walks back in. jc quickly claims that she was just inspecting her dad’s ripped shirt. her mother – still oblivious – leaves once again. jc waits for the door to close before continuing to fuck the shit out of her own father. his pace quickens and she asks him to cum inside her once again. he complies and jc slides off him to lick his sticky dick clean. jc and her mom are outside, sitting by the pool. she sends her dad a text, asking him to come and fuck her. he shows up and they sneak behind an outdoor bar table. jc begins to suck her father’s hard cock with her mom napping only steps away. after a bit of this, jc bends over and lets her dad fuck her hard from behind. they’re interrupted when jc’s mom asks her to get her a drink from the bar. she hastily runs the errand and returns to her waiting father. he sits her on a cooler and fucks her rough. jc begs her dad to fill her up once again but he pulls out just in time to spray her pussy with cum. jc’s idiot mother is heard whining about ice in the background.


BareBackStudios – Sydney Cole in Major Dilema FullHD (

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Sydney loves the thrill of fucking in places she shouldn’t be. The thought of getting caught sucking and fucking you makes her wet with anticipation. You and her break into her neighbors house and sneak into her bathroom. Just as Sydney is about to suck you off you hear Cory walk into her bedroom. It’s not long before you hear moaning from the other room. Sydney watches as her neighbor masturbates on her bed.Sydney! What are you doing in my bathroom! Cory screams. I’m going to call your mother She says. Quickly Sydney tries to talk her out of getting in trouble. You watch as Cory blackmails her to strip and give her a show. Cory rubs her pussy as Sydney strips naked and sucks your cock. The two girls rub themselves, Cory getting in on the action and sucking you. Your cock wet, Cory guides Sydney on top of you and masturbates as she fucks you.Scene Two: Thrill fuckBeing guided and watched by the hot older woman is such a turn on for Sydney. Her breast bounce in you face as she fucks you. You push her down and fuck her on the bed in every way you can think of. Her young body and tight pussy keep you on the edge. Make her cum Cory demands, making out with Sydney and making her quiver.Sydney cums and Cory thinks it’s your turn. With the girls mouths open you cum all over their lust filled slutty faces. Share Cory tells her and the girls lick the cum off each other. This will have to happen again Cory demands.


Katy Rose, Lea Lexis – Leaving his mark HD (

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The moment Lea Lexis saw her step-daughter sneak a long kiss with her boyfriend before coming in from the cold, she hatched a plan to get something she’s craved for ages: her hands on Nick’s hard cock. After noticing how Katy’s perky nipples showed through her white T-shirt, Lea sent her away to throw on a sweater and recruited Nick to help with her baking by bringing in bags of flour from the pantry. When a spill dirtied his black T-shirt, Lea seized the moment to pull it over his head and run her hands all over his body, including the growing bulge in his jeans. Katy came back to find her step-mother fooling around with Nick, and got so wrapped up in the sexual energy she just had to join in. Check out the hot threesome that followed, as both horny women took turns getting their fill of good dick!